Our Story

Rstoria is a collection of artisans who still believe in the quality of old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail, and who subscribe to that construction mantra of “measure twice — cut once” in ensuring every project is completed to the highest standards of customer satisfaction. 

With decades of experience in the highly skilled crafts of carpentry, framing and general construction, Rstoria custom-builds luxury quality homes while bringing an elevated level of workmanship and customer service to home-building in the GTA.

There is a difference to an Rstoria-built luxury home. It is seen in the quality of materials used, the obvious care and craftsmanship invested in the cabinetry and wood detailing and the overall solid construction foundations and forms evidenced throughout every home we build.

The result each and every time is a beautiful, well-built custom luxury home, inside and out — results which the principals of Rstoria have been presenting to clients for decades, taking great pride in what they accomplish and build. 

Rstoria takes a partnership approach with each client, dedicating the time and individual customer service to ensure every question is answered and every aspect of the sometimes-confusing construction process is properly explained so that each client receives as much joy, pride and pleasure out of the custom building of their new home as Rstoria does.



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